How to Apply for UK Spouse Visa


“What do I need to know before I can apply for a UK Spouse Visa?” A common question asked by a lot of people who wish to reconnect with their families staying in the UK. If you’re a working-class British national residing in the UK and you’d like your partner to come and join you from the US, this article may be just what you need to get started. In an attempt to put you through the process of applying for a UK Spouse visa, we have designed an outline of the simple process, some general guidelines to have in mind and some of the documents that’ll be required of your spouse.


Just as you have rightly read, a UK Spouse visa is the right choice to opt for if you’re already residing in the UK and would want your civil partner or spouse to come around from overseas to be with you for a period of 6 months. Speaking of Overseas national, it’s simply talking about your spouse or partner who is living aboard and also a national of any country outside the EEA (European Economic Area).

It’s imperative that you sponsor your spouse’s or partner’s application to give them a chance to join you as a dependant in the UK. Before you can be eligible to sponsor, you’ll have to fall into one of the categories highlighted below;

  • You must have an indefinite or settlement leave to reside in the UK for as long as you want to.
  • You must have secured the citizenship (British citizen).
  • You must have humanitarian or asylum protection in the UK.

Although a considerable part of the information shared here will talk about single partners, for the purpose of the married partners and spouses, we’ll elaborate more on the information given to suit all needs.

It’s highly important that your partner complete and submits the application online in their current place of residence or country of nationality. Here’s the exception you might not read elsewhere; if your partner is from North Korea, she might have to print out the application form and fill it out correctly. While a lot of people have been experiencing difficulties with filling out the application form, especially while ticking out the kind of visa to apply for. As a UK citizen, your spouse is expected to apply for a “Family of a settled person” visa; kindly take note of that.

In the case where you’re looking to bring in your kids too, their details should be filled out within the application form, although each child requires that you fill a separate application form.

It’s important that you also provide a proof of your marriage certificate to ascertain that you’re in a genuine relationship with your spouse, a lot of UK Spouse Visa application get declined at this stage. Also, your partner must have a good knowledge of English language, as only native English speakers are often considered.

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